Weathermaster™ Carport

Our American Aluminum Weathermaster ™ Carports are an affordable addition to your home that offers protection for your cars, boats, RV’s and more from the sun and rain.

American Aluminum offers professional installation or you can install your Weathermaster ™ with an easy Easy Installation Instruction Kit.

American Aluminum’s Weathermaster ™ Carport is constructed with:

  • 12″”x3” interlocking standing seam roof panels, and is
  • aluminum posts
  • aluminum beams

Our Weathermaster ™ design also features a 6” roll form gutter with roll form trim.

Your Weathermaster ™ Carport is custom constructed  by American Aluminum to meet your needs.

American Aluminum has been serving Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana for over 30 years. Located at 5000 South Hwy 69 in Lumberton, TX, we are just 1 mile north of Beaumont. For more information, please stop by our display center or give us a call at (409) 833-2400. We’ve got you covered!